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About Çeşme

The Aegean region is located in Cesmeof Izmir 's most beautiful is one of the villages. Blue Flag beaches, white sandy beaches, endless entertainment, not just domestic foreign tourists are among the favourite holiday addresses with the Çeşme. Half an hour away by ferry to the island of Chios which is a Çeşme continuing throughout the Year festivals are always of interest. Izmir, 1 hour, Istanbul is 9 hours away Çeşme is one of the most ideal places for a fun-filled holiday. 2017 according to data from TurkStat, 41.278 there are persons in the Çeşme. In the summer period, the population is five to six times. The county is dominated by the Mediterranean climate with hot summers passing , and winters are warm and rainy. But in the summer despite the scorching heat, and the county is exposed to winds from the North always works. Therefore, the coolness of the place leaves with the muggy weather here in Izmir. With humidity levels being too low provides an ideal environment for those weary of the heat. from the month of May in the Çeşme of the water of the sea season opened the month of November, the average temperature is 20 degrees Fahrenheit and until the sea can be entered. The Çeşme, which can be visited in four seasons, enjoy the warm weather during the winter months, you can walk along the edge of the sea, healthy dishes with Aegean form you can keep.

In the Roman period, Çeşme which is one of the 12 Ionian cities, known by the name of Cyrus Eritrea's pier was known. Eritrea is estimated to have been founded by Cretans (Known) in the kingdom of Lydia and Persia, many years after being 14. at the end of the century, came under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. The city Çeşme Castle is the caravanserai from the Ottoman Empire and the most beautiful. During this period many in the county that made the Çeşme is located at. Thousands of years of history and embraces its guests with the unique nature of the Çeşme to be made in many enjoyable activities. Windsurfing Çeşme comes to mind first. Windsurfing is among the most ideal places that can be done in our country, located in the Çeşme you can add to your holiday excitement and adrenaline. In many villages in Alacati, you can drop yourself into the arms of the wind you can live a unique experience. If you do not know how many schools to windsurfing that you will get trained if you can find all kinds of material which is required for surfing, rent a car, you can start a fun hobby with experienced teachers.

Wide beaches with pristine waters and beaches of the Çeşme is due to the influx of vacationers during the summer months. Altinkum Beach, Ilica Beach, Boyalik Dark, Diamond Beach and Dalyan in Çeşme in the sea the most beautiful beaches are among. Cesme and Alacati is located between Ilica Beach is famous for its white sandy beaches that stretches for two miles. Ilica Beach is that the most important feature of the Thermal Resources. Every year thousands of people healing with hot thermal water in the sea is undergoing treatment for Ilica Beach store. Not just with Ilica Şifne thermal resources in the region. Sifne was a mud bath when you can make the neighborhood located in spas, you can spend a full day of Health.

In the Çeşme, especially preferred by young people is Aya Yorgi other village. Aya Yorgi Bay Beach Club with a sea of unparalleled beauty, lined around the Çeşme meets most of the entertainment needs. Parties are held in the evening at the beach club in the evenings as a night club where the entertainment lasts until morning's first light by providing services. Boat tours are another alternative to enjoy the water in the Çeşme. With boats departing from Cesme center and Spa in the beautiful village, the sea swim, sunbathe, and you can spend a pleasant day.

Narrow streets and stone houses with the famous Alacati, Cesme is a popular stopover for arrivals. Each period of the year the most appropriate time to explore the streets of Alacati beauty, offering a separate spring. During the summer, his busiest season, who is in Town away from the crowds, calmness within spring months if you want to travel you can choose. Kemalpasa Street, Alacati, Haci Memis Street and in the square after visiting a coffee break may give the famous Alacati Saturday market day you can spend some time. Aegean olive oil dishes and appetizers do not end your tasting trip ever. Boyoz, kumru, mussels, gum, jam, melon and artichoke are among the dishes you must try when your way to Çeşme falls.



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